Bing Saves Seeks to Curate, Categorize and Socialize the Web

Bing Saves Seeks to Curate, Categorize and Socialize the Web

Released to public beta today, Bing Saves is a unique new test feature for users of Microsoft's search engine. The new feature allows you to gather and save your favorite web site links, but also enjoy the links that others are sharing.

To get started go to:

Logged into Bing with a Microsoft account, you can simply paste an URL, save it and it will show up in your account.

In addition to showing up in your "Saved by Me" repository, each link will also show up in the "Public Feed." As the public feed is reviewed and curated links are clicked, the "Trending" area is update showing the most popular links. Saved links can be assigned tags for categorization.

In addition to the web site, you can also store "Save on Bing" and "See my Saves" buttons on your browser's toolbar.

The toolbar buttons give you quick access to the Bing Saves components. In particular, the "Save on Bing" auto-sends the link for any web site you are currently visiting directly into your "Saved by Me" repository.

Note that this is a public beta and that the page actually reads: This feature is an experiment. Saved results may not be available later.

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