Azure Data Lake Picks Up Some Improvements Prior to AzureCon

Azure Data Lake Picks Up Some Improvements Prior to AzureCon

It may pick up snide comments here and there and be the butt of water cooler jokes periodically but Microsoft is serious about Azure Data Lake – as a name and as a service. First announced at Microsoft BUILD in April and then reassessed at Ignite in May, Azure Data Lake is a way to combine every type of data collected into a single place – no matter size, structure, or platform and supporting massively parallel queries.

Today, the company is announcing new developments for Data Lake, as well as some additional components to help expand its capabilities:

  • Azure Data Lake Store - the Data Lake Store provides a single repository where customers can easily capture data of any size, type and speed without forcing application changes as data scales.

  • Azure Data Lake Analytics – a new processing and analytics service that lets customers focus on application logic instead of infrastructure. Customers simply write queries to transform data and extract valuable insight.

  • Azure HDInsight – Microsoft’s fully managed Apache Hadoop cluster service with a range of open source analytics engines. As of today, Azure HDInsight on Linux is generally available.

Tomorrow, prior to the company’s first virtual event, AzureCon, the company will make some new Cloud and IoT announcements to go along with today’s news. Expect Data Lake and the as yet unannounced items to be conveyed during the event.

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