AWS Launches Management Portal for vCenter

AWS Launches Management Portal for vCenter

Late last week, Amazon announced a new management portal for VMware that allows VMware-heavy organizations to connect vCenter to the AWS Cloud. By doing so, AWS customers can migrate VMware images to EC2 and then use the management portal to manage both on-premises and Cloud-stored collateral.

Microsoft, with Azure and Hyper-V, has been focusing heavily on Hybrid Clouds, which gives organizations the choice over what to store where and when. Amazon, along with a few other Cloud providers, has been laser-focused on the Public Cloud, forcing an all-or-nothing approach and ignoring the majority of businesses without a Public Cloud intent. Amazon has been steadily working to retrofit Hybrid Cloud offerings, while Microsoft has been quickly encroaching on Amazon's Cloud leadership. Just recently, Microsoft received another shared leadership accolade when Gartner released the IaaS Magic Quadrant, showing Amazon and Microsoft as co-owners of the space.

You can take a visual tour of the new offering by reading through a blog posted last week on the Amazon Web Services Blog: New AWS Management Portal for vCenter

To make this work, a connector is required and can be obtained from the bottom of this page:  AWS Management Portal for vCenter

Documentation is here: What Is AWS Management Portal for vCenter?

And, you can find the initial setup at the following link after providing your AWS subscribe credentials:  Setup AWS Management Portal for vCenter

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