Asigra Announces Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Support for Google Apps

Asigra Announces Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Support for Google Apps

Added functionality mitigates risk of cloud-based data loss for IT users

Today, Asigra announced cloud-to-cloud backup support for Google Apps. With this new capability, Asigra supports multiple Tier One cloud applications and platforms, including Salesforce, IBM SmartCloud, and Google Apps. Now included in Asigra Cloud Backup 12.2, this new functionality ensures data recovery while ending the requirement for multiple application/platform-centric backup solutions to protect physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile computing platforms.

With Asigra Cloud Backup 12.2, users can automatically protect Google Apps data at all times. The latest advancement allows companies to back up and restore all important business information in Google Apps, including email messages, calendars, contacts, documents, and sites. Users can automate and schedule the backup activities for the data in Google Apps, select the number of generations of the information that need protection, set retention rules, and even determine separate backup frequencies for different sets of data.

Advanced capabilities for protecting Google Apps include:

  • Protection of Google Apps-based data within the user’s overall end-to-end backup infrastructure.
  • Ability to restore data back into Google Apps.
  • Granular backup of data—at the domain level, account level, or specific files or email messages.
  • Secure NIST FIPS 140-2 certified storage of backup data.
  • Peace of mind through automation of the backup process.

Visit the Asigra web site to learn more.

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