Amazon Prime Photos Offers New Family Vault Feature to Share Unlimited Image Storage


Amazon really wants to make their Prime subscription the best possible solution for customers as they continue to expand the services offerings.

Just two weeks ago Amazon announced Prime Reading, a new benefit for their Prime subscribers to find over a thousand books in the Kindle library at no cost to read, and this week they have unveiled the Amazon Prime Photos Family Vault to make their annual $99 Prime subscription an even better value.

Prime Photos already provided the primary subscription user unlimited storage for their pictures and 5GB of video storage that can be accessed through a web browser or mobile apps on Android and iOS.

The new Family Vault feature for Prime Photos does not change anything with the program storage wise but allows up to five other family members (or friends) to share that unlimited image storage plus get tools that will help with image discovery based on who posted the image and where it was taken. This sharing can be set to automatically share any images taken on mobile devices using the Prime Photos app or the individual can share only certain images with other members of the group.

Here is a quick rundown of the new Family Vault related features to Prime Photos:

  • Family and friend access to Prime Photos, at no additional cost: To ensure all the great moments and memories are preserved, regardless of who captured them, Prime members can now share their Prime Photos benefit of unlimited photo storage and 5 GB for videos and other files with up to five family members or friends.
  • Simple, private sharing through the Family Vault: Family Vault members can add their favorite photos and videos individually with a click or swipe, or set their account to automatically add all their photos and videos to the Family Vault.
  • Smart search technology: Prime Photos’ new search technology makes finding photos based on people, places, or things a snap. Gone are the days of customers wading through thousands of photos to find a specific image. Looking for pictures from a vacation or wedding? Search for “sunset” or “wedding” and relevant photos will show up. Customers can also browse photos of individual family members and friends in the People view as well as search and filter by location or date.

In addition to the above items, members of the Family Vault now have easy access to a photo printing service that includes free delivery for Amazon Prime members and it starts at just nine cents per image.

I can see a real value in a service like this for a family vacation or other event where everyone might be taking their own images and by using the Android or iOS Prime Prime Photos app have those images automatically shared with the other family members. Images can then be shared to social media like Facebook to keep other family and friends aware of your experiences.

This gallery will show you the desktop view of accessing Prime Photos and the Family Vault for the first time and also includes screenshots of what the Android and iOS app interfaces look like.

You can learn more about Amazon Prime Photos and the Family Vault at the services website.


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