Windows Intune in Your Pocket

Windows Intune in Your Pocket

The same folks that brought you the System Center Service Manager App for Windows Phone, have released a new app focused entirely on Windows Intune. Again, as before, this is not a true app, but really just an aggregation of resources to help you learn Windows Intune and stay up-to-date on news and announcements about the product.

Built with the easy-to-use Windows Phone App Studio, Windows Intune Guide-To-Go currently offers the following aggregated resources:

  • The Official Windows Intune Blog
  • Windows InTune MSDN Forum
  • Technet Documentation
  • Technet Wiki and News Feed
  • YouTube Videos
  • Bing Search for Windows Intune

If you want it, search the Windows Phone store for 'Windows Intune Guide-To-Go' or just use this handy link:

Windows Intune Guide-To-Go

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