Why can't I install the Recovery Console (RC) on a mirrored system drive?

A. When you attempt to locally install the RC on a mirrored system partition (basic or dynamic disk) using winnt32.exe's /cmdcons switch, the installation fails with the message "No valid system partitions were found. Setup cannot continue."

During the RC installation, the system performs the same disk checks that it performs for a full installation, which also fails on a mirrored system partition. To work around this problem, you need to break the mirror, install the RC, then recreate the mirror.

But there is one caveat. In Windows 2000, you can create mirrors only on dynamic disks. If you have a mirrored volume on a basic disk that was created in Windows NT 4.0 and you break the mirror, you can recreate it only if you upgrade to dynamic disks. However, dynamic disks cause problems if you multiboot with non-Win2K installations. In this case, you can't install the RC.

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