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What's Hot: Products from Paessler, SizeExplorer, and DameWare Development

Readers highlight exceptional products that help them do their job

Monitor and Control Network Resources

Paessler, IPCheck Server Monitor,,
[email protected]

Christoph Puetz of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, provides high praise for Paessler's IPCheck Server Monitor, a software and multiplatform application service provider (ASP) service that helps you detect network and Web site failures early. Puetz says, "I recently purchased a copy of IPCheck Server Monitor. It's a very affordable monitoring tool for small businesses. The software provides Web site monitoring and service monitoring on crucial machines the easy way. It's a snap to configure, and the notification options (i.e., email, page, Net Send) are more than sufficient. The Web feature monitoring lets you send complete URL strings, including an option for a user ID and a password to log on to a Web site."

The software features sensor alert notification and messaging, activity monitoring and reporting, email templates, and a built-in Web server and database. Notifications can be triggered by uptimes, downtimes, and slow response times. IPCheck Server Monitor comes in two versions: ASP and Server. Paessler hosts and licenses the ASP version of IPCheck Server Monitor for a monthly fee.

Discover Disk Bottlenecks, SizeExplorer Pro,,
[email protected]'s SizeExplorer Pro is disk-space management software that can show you how much space a particular folder uses. The software also provides you with a complete set of tools to help you manage your disk space. Features include graphical charts, file-distribution statistics, reporting capability, complete file listings, network explorations, manual explorations, preferred explorations, the ability to load and save explorations, and export capability. SizeExplorer Pro can help you manage your drives and help you to rapidly spot large useless files.

Tony Bieda of Downers Grove, Illinois, provides high praise for SizeExplorer. He says, "SizeExplorer provides an easy way to scan your network drives for files and space used. The software offers extremely easy reporting, easily exports charts, and provides Excel spreadsheets to summarize space used by users. Although drive space is inexpensive, this tool lets us manage our space, cuts down backup times by reducing file sizes, and, in emergencies, lets us research which files are causing disk bottlenecks. I highly recommend SizeExplorer because it's very useful and inexpensive." The software runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x systems and costs $39. The SizeExplorer Lite version starts at $14 but offers less functionality than the Pro version.

Remotely Manage Servers and Workstations

DameWare Development, DameWare NT Utilities,,
[email protected]

Several Windows & .NET Magazine readers wrote in to nominate DameWare Development's DameWare NT Utilities (DNTU) as a top product. Phillip Potter of Nashville says, "I swear by DNTU. It's the best tool I have in my bag of tricks." Paul Smith of Billerica, Massachusetts, says, "I was looking for a tool that would let me have remote and admin capabilities, and DNTU fit the bill. We haven't looked back since we installed it and have replaced other software products in favor of DNTU."

DNTU is an enterprise systems management application for Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT systems that provides an integrated collection of NT administration utilities for remotely managing Windows servers and workstations. DNTU 4.0 contains an Active Directory (AD) browser view for AD implementations and a Network Browser view, which displays domains in a network explorer treeview. You can easily add or remove AD sites from the AD site list. You can also add NT domains to the Favorite Domains section of the Network Browser view. Pricing is $289 for a single-user license, $829 for a 3-user license, $2319 for a 10-user license, and $10,119 for a 50-user license.

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