What Will the Judgement Bring?

Reportedly, Microsoft has delayed announcing its new Internet strategy this week—despite having already featured it heavily in the annual CEO Summit (browse here for the details)—for fear that the announcement would be overshadowed by the news coming from Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's court when he renders his "final" judgement. I put the word final in quotes because the only thing certain at this point is that Microsoft will appeal the judgement; nonetheless, it's going to affect Microsoft—and Windows 2000 users.

Microsoft's announcement of a new Internet strategy was supposed to be a major element in the company's overall approach to the new century. If press reports of the government's request are correct, however, Microsoft will likely be severely restricted as to the new features it's permitted to add to Windows OSs—including Win2K. I don't expect this to have much of an immediate effect—after all, the OS just shipped—but it will inevitably have a chilling effect on the adoption of new features. For example, the addition of seamless voice and video to instant messaging, which Gates described at the CEO Summit, might be restricted under a restraining order resulting from the judgement (I'm speculating here). The judgement could have even more serious implications for new platforms that Microsoft is involved in, such as electronic books.

Of course, Microsoft will fight all this: I expect that Microsoft will file an appeal just days (possibly hours) after the court renders its "final" judgement. Stay tuned!

Tweaking Win2K for Fun and Profit
A Web site called Tweak3D has a ton of hints for performance tuning and user interface (UI) modification. Much of the material is obvious (using a defragmenter such as Diskeeper, for instance), but the site also includes some items I haven't seen anywhere else: how to enable write-behind caching on a per-disk basis and an undocumented (but straightforward) way to increase the number of optional components that you can eliminate using the Add/Remove Programs Wizard. Check out the Tweak3D Web site here.

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