Tonido: A Free Cloud Computing Data Transfer Solution

Recently, I have been using a flash drive to upload files back and forth between my work and home computer. Since I don’t have access to the network on my home computer, my flash drive was my only option. It’s been a hassle to upload entire file directories onto my flash drive – I can only hope that I don’t miss a file that I need. Needless to say, I was looking for an easier way to access work files when I’m out of the office.

My friend recommended Tonido, a free open-source cloud computing service by CodeLathe. Setting up your computer is easy. All you need to do is install the software package, create a Tonido account, and use the newly created URL to access your files. Tonido can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux OSs.

Tonido is useful for business professionals on the go, as files can be accessed from multiple devices. Not only can smartphones access files with a working browser, but apps are available for free for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones.  

Tonido is a good option for those who are concerned about the privacy. With many cloud computing services, files are uploaded to third-party servers. Tonido eliminates this step, so you don’t need to upload files since they are directly served from your machine, allowing instant access to your files from anywhere.   

Tonido is extremely adaptable. Many apps are available on their website based upon your needs. A few apps that I found to be handy for business professionals and teams are:

  • Tonido Webshare – lets you share large files from your computer to anyone with a web browser.
  • Tonido Backup – backs up files and folders to any computer running Tonido
  • Tonido Workspace – lets you setup a collaborative workspace where you can share tasks, notes, contacts, calendars, and documents with anyone via the Tonido P2P network.
  • Tonido Screenshare – lets you share your computer’s desktop with anyone with a web browser

If your main concern is about backup and recovery, then you should probably consider another solution. Since your files are being accessed directly from your computer, your files are only as safe as the computer that the files are stored on. Similarly, consider the reliability of your hardware when using Tonido’s Backup app.

While Tonido may not be ideal for large enterprises, it’s certainly a quick solution for small businesses and individuals. If you have a reliable computer and are looking for an inexpensive cloud-computing solution, go ahead and give Tonido a try.

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