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Tellago equips enterprises for remote cloud management

Software developer Tellago Studios has released a new platform, dubbed Moesion, that lets enterprise IT managers control their systems and cloud services from mobile devices.

Moesion gives enterprises the ability to monitor and manage on-premises server applications and cloud services directly from a mobile phone or tablet from anywhere, said Jesus Rodriguez, co-founder and CEO of Tellago. The Moesion itself is cloud-based and can run on Android, IPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, or Android tablets.

“The problem we’re trying to solve is to make IT professionals more proactive,” Rodriguez said. “The classic scenario is not being in front of your computer and needing to make a change. You can get up and running with Moesion with two clicks and it requires no on-premise dedicated server infrastructure.”

Initially Moesion enables the management of Microsoft-based infrastructures, including Windows services and processes, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, BizTalk Server and Windows Azure, with more to come, Rodriguez said. Moesion also lets IT pros use their own scripts to manage their infrastructures. The company is now building an app store and creating a roadmap for other platforms, he added, and expects Moesion to be compatible with VMware and Amazon Cloud Services by the end of this year.

“Moesion solves a problem every IT pro faces,” Rodriguez said. “The capabilities of the platform were heavily influenced by IT pros involved in the process who helped us understand what needed to be addressed. Moesion is the result of our belief that enterprise IT system management should be simple, mobile, secure and social.”



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