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TechEd 2014 Briefings: Vision Solutions Previews Double-Take Cloud Migration Service

TechEd 2014 Briefings: Vision Solutions Previews Double-Take Cloud Migration Service

Amy Eisenberg, Editor in Chief of Windows IT Pro, and I met with Tim Laplante, Director of Product Strategy for Vision Solutions, to discuss Vision Solutions' upcoming Double-Take Cloud Migration Service. Tim walked us through a demonstration where he quickly migrated a VM running on Amazon over to Azure. As the migration was progressing, Tim pointed out how you could quickly pull up the status of the migration and that, like the other Double-Take Move products, the source system remained available throughout the entire migration process.  While Tim demoed an Amazon to Azure migration he pointed out that the product is capable to performing any-to-any migrations. For instance, the product could also be used to migrate systems to Amazon or from on-premise systems to either Amazon or Azure. To ensure that the migration process is secure, Double-Take Cloud Migration Service encrypts the data stream between the source and the target systems.

Tim said that Vision Solutions plans to provide their Double-Take Cloud Migration Service for free. To use the service businesses, you would only need to purchase Double-Take Move licenses. Tim also showed us their new Windows 8 Metro-style App that can be used with the Double-Take Cloud Migration Service. Double-Take Cloud Migration Service is currently in preview, but Tim said he expects it will be generally available soon. You can find out more information about Double-Take Move and Visions, other HA/DR, and migration solutions at

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