Symantec Unveils Improvements to Veritas CommandCentral

As corporate IT budgets continue to feel the squeeze of a challenging economy, Symantec has announced some improvements to their Veritas CommandCentral product family that the company claims will help IT pros reduce the cost and management of existing storage solutions. Chief among those new enhancements is a new agentless solution dubbed Storage Change Manager, and the addition of agentless functionality to CommandCentral Storage.

"The challenge of effectively managing storage resources scales with the size of the organization," says Sean Derrington, Symantec's director of storage and availability management. "\[These enhancements\] allow our customers to proactively manage their storage infrastructure and make better use of their storage assets."

According to Symantec, Veritas CommandCentral combines existing storage resource management techniques with the ability to manage change that happens to storage in an infrastructure. It supports mixed physical and virtual storage environments, and Symantec contends that the improvements provide "a more comprehensive, cost-effective, and proactive alternative to using traditional tools such as element managers, point products, and spreadsheets, by providing centralized visibility and control over their storage environment."

Storage Change Manager centralizes information about storage infrastructure events, and allows IT administrators to track storage changes and enforce policy and compliance requirements.

"Many \[IT administrators\[ are relying on static tools to manage their storage infrastructures, like Excel spreadsheets," says Yogesh Agrawal, senior director of CommandCentral at Symantec. "These reports have to be manually updated, and it's a huge pain -- it's a big issue."

Veritas CommandCentral 5.1 is now available, and pricing starts at roughly $20,000.

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