Survey Results - IT Pros and the Cloud

Survey Results - IT Pros and the Cloud

During Microsoft Ignite, held earlier this year in Chicago, Cloud Cruiser a Microsoft's Partner conducted a survey of 279 IT Pros in attendance to better understand their goals as the organizations they work for moves towards the cloud.

The survey results, Managing the Business of Cloud (registration required), showed that obtaining IT efficiencies and reducing costs are seen as the primary benefits when a company moves to cloud based functionality,

"An overwhelming 92 percent of those surveyed stated that they are pursuing a cloud adoption strategy with the primary goals of improving IT efficiencies and reducing costs. 72 percent of respondents indicated that tracking cloud usage and costs is extremely or very important to their IT function. This applies to all cloud deployment models including private, 3rd party private, public and hybrid. Additionally, the pace of cloud adoption continues to be swift as more than one third of those surveyed have a quarter or more of all IT services in the cloud."

Another area in Cloud Cruisers survey showed how those IT Pros would use information about their companies cloud usage if it was available for their entire enterprise:

  • 57% - Improve IT forecasting
  • 39% - Compare costs across different cloud service platforms
  • 37% - Implement showback / chargeback
  • 34% - Expand on-demand / self-service access to the cloud
  • 30% - Better match allocation vs. utilization

What is important to you as an IT Pro when it comes to the cloud?

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