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Survey finds UK IT departments scrambling to deal with Brexit

Survey finds UK IT departments scrambling to deal with Brexit

Study finds half of IT pros say it will impact how they use the cloud

Last month, we reported on how IT firms around the globe, but particularly in the UK, were preparing for the changes that Brexit would usher in. A new survey has found more of the same, with IT professionals whose companies do work in the United Kingdom having to rethink everything from their future budgets to which clouds they can safely use without running afoul of European Union data protections.

The survey, done by Spiceworks, found that IT professionals around the world were worried the UK's withdrawal from the EU would delay IT projects and hurt budgets, while discouraging technology professionals from entering the UK job market.

Spiceworks noted five key takeaways from their survey:

  1. Things are going to get more confusing in the IT market
  2. Many IT departments will delay spending
  3.  The UK IT industry could suffer and lose global influence
  4. Organizations will worry about the effect on data storage (especially if they're based in the UK) 
  5. Brexit will change overall usage of cloud services 

Read the full survey results here, and read on IT Pro's feature on how IT departments can best prepare for the shifts.


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