Surface RT Bundle Gets a Permanent Price Drop

Surface RT Bundle Gets a Permanent Price Drop

I mentioned last week that Microsoft will be dropping the price of the Surface Touch Cover to $79 starting on August 30th.  This permanent price drop is also happening for the Surface bundle.

On August 30th, the Surface RT bundle will get a $50 price decrease. The Surface RT bundle includes a black Touch Cover.

Here's how the pricing looks now…

Current Price: 32 GB $449

Current Price: 64 GB $549

And, here's the price after August 30, 2013…

August 30 Price: 32 GB $399

August 30 Price: 64 GB $499

If you've read Get an Extra Microsoft Surface Touch Cover at $79 Starting August 30, you know I'm not a huge fan of the Touch Cover. It's a great innovation, but the Type Cover ultimately makes for the best experience. Hopefully, Microsoft will consider that and roll out a Type Cover price reduction soon.


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