Surface Pro Gets a Price Cut for the Next Month

Surface Pro Gets a Price Cut for the Next Month

With the Surface 2 coming soon, Microsoft is hopeful it can clear stock shelves quickly to make room for the next-generation devices. The Surface RT saw prices slashed permanently starting on July 14, 2013, bringing the cost of the device down by $150. The tactic sort of worked, as Wal-Mart and other retailers sold out of their Surface RT units. Over the weekend, Microsoft announced a $100 price cut on its Surface Pro models, hoping to initiate a public stampede to help make up for lost revenue on the poorly selling devices.

But, with the Surface 2 on the way—it will provide a better processor, longer battery life, and Windows 8.1 enhancements—dropping the price of the Surface Pro by a mere $100 isn't going to do it. Slashing $100 off a $1,000 device still keeps the device out of the price range of most consumers. In "What Selling Out the Surface RT Really Means," I talked about lessons of the past that still haven't been learned.

The Surface RT is at a much better price point now, but the Surface Pro is still not cost-worthy enough to help dig Microsoft out of the landfill awaiting the current Surface stock.

Personally, I'd wait until Microsoft releases the Surface 2. There will still be many, many Surface Pro 1's available, and I would strongly assume that a price drop at that time would amount to considerably more than $100.

The Surface Pro deal runs from August 4 to August 29 for customers in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States. I suspect we'll see the prices run even lower after August 29.  So, again, wait.


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