Surface Pro Disappears from Microsoft Online Store

Surface Pro Disappears from Microsoft Online Store

Looking for a Microsoft Surface Pro (original)? Good luck finding one unless you do a side deal at a physical Microsoft Store.

Sometime this past week, the original Surface Pro disappeared from the Microsoft online store, however, the original Surface (RT)—the one nobody wants—is still available (at $299, no less). This seems to indicate that Surface Pro stock might be extremely low across the board. Surface Pro, considered a laptop replacement, was the more popular version of Microsoft's original device releases, so it makes sense that we would see stock depletion a bit quicker than the others.

I'll raise my hand and admit that I helped empty Microsoft's shelves. Each member of my family has a Surface Pro, including myself. With two college kids and one in high school, only a Surface Pro could do the job of a real computer.

Searching online, Best Buy and still have stock, but according to's product page, stock is low there, too.

This comes at a time when rumors about the Surface Pro 3 are just starting to heat up. The rumors suggest that Surface Pro 3 will release in September 2014, come with a larger screen, have better graphics and a faster processor, and improve battery life even over the power advancements realized in the Surface Pro 2.

If you still want an original Surface Pro, Best Buy still has stock of the 128GB and 256GB models.

And, of course,…

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