Surface Pro 3 to Get More Wi-Fi Fixes in the Coming Weeks

Surface Pro 3 to Get More Wi-Fi Fixes in the Coming Weeks

It's Patch Tuesday and many patching admins are scrambling to test and deliver updates that have been deemed critical this month. We reported earlier about a potentially dangerous zero-day flaw already being used by Russian hackers to infiltrate and spy on government agencies. Now, FireEye is reporting that a second zero-day patch exists in this month's Microsoft security updates.

So, it should come as some relief that the only tablet getting an update today is the Surface 2. Interestingly, most of the fixes in the Surface 2 update this month serve to fix the cover. Microsoft is skipping this month for the rest, quite possibly due to the significance and scope of the security updates rolling out.

However, that doesn't mean that Microsoft is not working on updates for its tablets. On October 6 you might remember that Microsoft delivered an out-of-band update for the Surface Pro 3 that did nothing more than update the Surface Pen Driver. A couple days later, the company released an app called Surface Hub that brought small customization functionality to the tablet's stylus. The out-of-band driver update is a requirement to be able to use the app.

But, despite the lack of Surface-wide updates this month, Microsoft is promising that it will release an update for Surface Pro 3 in the coming weeks to further improve Wi-Fi connectivity. The Surface Pro 3 is a fantastic device (see my Surface Pro 3 series) but has been plagued with Wi-Fi issues since its public release. Microsoft hasn't given up yet, and the new update coming soon should help address open issues.

Microsoft has stated the update will also include other fixes, but doesn't go into detail about those.


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