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Sencha Launches HTML5 Developer Platform, Leveraging Cloud

Sencha, a provider of HTML5 frameworks and tools for desktop and mobile application developers, has introduce, a client-centric cloud technology designed specifically for JavaScript developers. According to Sencha, when used in conjunction with Sencha frameworks, lets a developer focus on building client-side application logic while leveraging cloud services to enhance the application.

The company’s blog describes its view on the significance of the platform:

The platform provides a set of cloud services that make it easier for mobile web app developers to deliver robust web functionality to users. Your mobile apps goes well beyond just the client itself and your apps need to be able to create, store, and share data and messages with the app’s users. is an entirely new way for the client developer to think about the cloud. To store data, you simply tell your model to store data. And it does the rest. If you need to send messages to other users, you enable messaging with just one line of code. If you need to listen for messages, just set up a callback. And does the rest. If you need to log users in from Facebook, you just request the login with an API, and automates the whole process. And if you need a place to deploy your application, provides that, too.

Sencha also recently announced that it has landed $15 million in a second round of funding led by Jafco Ventures. At, Michael Mullany, chief executive of Sencha explains the pros of developing on HTML5:

“The future is a multi device world. The web is really the only platform that can span [many different devices]…you’re not going to have a native platform that is going to talk to all of those.”

What Mullany is saying in essence is it would be an arduous task to creative native applications with the same user experience across multiple operating systems and devices. Because HTML 5 apps are web-based, they can provide a cohesive experience across those devices, including your tablet, phone, computer and even television.

Sencha received a $14 million first round of funding led by Sequoia Capital in June 2010. Both Sequoia Capital and Radar Partners participated in this round.



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