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ScaleXtreme Introduces On-Demand Cloud Server Control

Web-based server management company ScaleXtreme has introduced what it’s calling Dynamic Server Assembly, a new product designed to give users of the company’s ScaleXtreme Xpress and ScaleXtreme Xpert platforms the ability to create structured servers more quickly.

The product lets users model, provision and launch servers with a variety of cloud computing providers.

“Customers can go in and describe a server in a cloud- and platform-independent way,” said Nand Mulchandani, co-founder and CEO of ScaleXtreme. “Customers want independence from a particular vendor. Key to that is this idea of describing the machine in a way that doesn’t lock you in.”

The result is a cloud architecture that lets ScaleXtreme customers rebuild machines on the fly with any cloud provider—driving servers and workloads to different cloud systems on request.

The platform works, Mulchandani said, by letting users build off of specific structures, or templates, and then apply those templates to new machines across any cloud and server systems. “Once you’ve done this and you have a cloud provider that goes down, say, you can go in, delete an app from that provider and add it to another. and be back up and running.”

The platform has appeal to a broad range of enterprises, Mulchandani said, but ScaleXstreme is seeing the strongest interest from companies in the Web 2.0 sector—but believes that more companies will be on board as the cloud becomes more commonplace.

“The hope and expectation is that over the next year, enterprise IT gets a lot more standardized based on experience gleaned in the public cloud,” he said. 


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