Resolving Device Manager Error 28 - 31 Aug 2004

I recently added a USB 2.0 device to a Windows 2000 server for extra storage. Everything seemed fine until Device Manager started indicating error 28 on the driver. What's going on?

Sometimes Device Manager shows code 28 when everything is working. You might simply be facing a hardware limitation that stems from an incompatibility between a USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI) and a USB 1.1 Universal Host Controller Interface (UHCI) or Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI). Unplug the USB 2.0 device, then plug it into a different port. If that doesn't fix the problem, restart the computer. If the problem still persists, disable then enable the USB 2.0 EHCI. If the controller is working and none of these solutions gets rid of the error, simply ignore it.

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