Q. What's the correct iSCSI target format?

A. Windows is actually very forgiving of the name you use to connect to iSCSI targets. In the past I had a demo iSCSI target and I would name the targets basic names such as virtlun1 and virtlun2. This is not the correct format. You should use the iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN) format, as in the following example: Iqn... The format below worked for me with Windows Server 2008 Milestone 3 (M3) R2 (Note, I didn't reverse the domain name and it still worked fine): Iqn.1991-05.savdalvs01.saviltech.net:vhddisk For those who use build Windows 2008 R2 M3, the iSCSI client would only connect to correctly formatted IQN iSCSI targets; any other names give the error shown in the figure. Future builds of Windows 2008 R2 will allow non-IQN format names.

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