Q. What can I do to improve the performance of my solid state disk (SSD)?

A. SSD manufacturers are constantly tweaking the firmware of their SSD devices to improve the algorithms related to reading and writing to SSD, so visit the support page for your SSD drive frequently. In the month of April 2009, SSD manufacturers Intel and OCZ both released significant updates to their SSD firmware to improve write performance and add support for the TRIM function.

In addition to firmware upgrades, there are some software solutions that help optimize the NTFS layout to be better suited for SSD drives by consolidating free space. Diskeeper has a solution call HyperFast that is designed specifically for SSDs. HyperFast runs in the background and consolidates free space for faster write operations. By consolidating the free space into fewer blocks, you reduce the number of times you have to perform the time-costly block cache, erase, write procedure I described in a previous FAQ.

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