Q. I'm trying to put my computer into sleep mode but it keeps waking up. How can I fix it?

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A. Insomnia is a common human complaint, but we rarely expect to see the same problem from our digital friends. A common cause of a computer waking from sleep mode is network traffic triggering the computer to start up. The easy solution is to disable the ability for a network adapter to wake the computer.

Start Device Manager by typing devmgmt.msc into the Run dialog box. Expand Network adapters and double-click your network card (or cards) to open its properties. Select the Power Management tab and clear the check box for Allow this device to wake the computer, as shown here.

Note that you can also make this change on peripherals such as your keyboard and mouse, but if you do so, you'll need to press the computer's power button to wake the computer. This might be useful if you have cats that frequently jump on your keyboard at night.

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