Q: How can I force a refresh to see the change I made on a SAN reflected in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012?

A: Remember that the communication between System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2012 and the SAN places the SMI-S provider in the middle. By default, it will refresh its view of the SAN every 10 minutes.

To hurry the process along, you can restart the CIMSERVER on the SMI-S provider, which will force a refresh.

The example below shows how to refresh for the NetApp SMI-S provider:

At C:\Program Files (x86)\Ontap\smis\pegasus\bin I typed

smis cimserver restart    

I then got the following output:

Please wait while Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent is restarted.

Waiting for 0 seconds, press CTRL+C to quit ...

After the SMI-S provider has been restarted, refresh the provider in the SCVMM Fabric workspace.

After the refresh job has been completed (monitor it in the Jobs workspace), the changes made to the SAN should be exposed (see screen shot below).


(By the way, we do more than Windows--check out all of John Savill's FAQs for Windows.)

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