Q: How can I access Microsoft SkyDrive files from Windows Explorer?

A: In a previous FAQ I talked about using Microsoft Office 2010 to connect to SkyDrive, then copying the URL into a folder mapping to create a drive letter that maps to your SkyDrive account (e.g., \\[email protected]\).

You could also install an application from Cloud Storage Explorer. It’s a free base version that offers easy integration with Explorer.

If you get an error that your browser has cached your Live ID and you need to clear Cookies, just go to the Windows Live site and sign out. Then Launch SDExplorer. (See screen shot below.)


You will be prompted for your credentials, and SDExplorer will be available under My Computer in Explorer (see screen shot below)


Read more FAQs on all kinds of admin issues at John Savill's FAQs for Windows!

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