Performance-Tuning Tool - 14 Sep 2004

Posting a narrow win over another HP product, HP OpenView Performance Insight scores a victory as Best Performance Tuning Tool. HP OpenView Performance Manager, Readers' Choice 2003's winner, takes second place, suggesting that HP has truly got you covered when it comes to performance.

HP OpenView Performance Insight gives you a powerful performance-monitoring solution that paves the way for more effective service-level management. It's a scalable and customizable reporting tool that collects, analyzes, and summarizes management data from networks, systems, and services. HP OpenView Performance Insight can help you implement service-level management by monitoring and reporting on the systems, networks, and applications that make up that service. The product includes out-of-the-box management-data reports collected and generated by HP OpenView tools such as HP OpenView Network Node Manager, HP OpenView Performance Agents, and HP OpenView Internet Services, but it can also report on a wide range of network protocols and devices. You can customize the out-of-the-box reports, create new reports, and pull in new sources of data to report on. If a service isn't performing well, HP OpenView Performance Insight helps you determine what components are adversely affecting it. You can also determine which components of a service are likely to fail and when.

2nd Place — HP OpenView Performance Manager
3rd Place — Quest Central for Databases
Quest Software
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