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PatchLink's PATCHLINK UPDATE 6.0 is a patch-management and software-distribution product with broad support for client platforms, including Windows (Windows 95 and later), UNIX, Linux, and Apple Computer's Macintosh. It quickly and accurately determines a system's update requirements and vulnerabilities. An extensive repository of patches from major OS and application vendors simplifies the acquisition of patches. Intensive cross-vendor patch integration testing helps minimize problems caused by incompatible updates.

It took me just a few minutes to install PATCHLINK UPDATE in my Windows Server 2003 system. Within 30 minutes, PATCHLINK UPDATE downloaded the list of available update packages. After I remotely deployed the agent to a few online domain members, I used the Web interface to generate a package-compliance report for one computer, then deployed several update packages. The packages I configured to deploy silently did so without user involvement. I also deployed a Microsoft Office update package, which required access to the Office installation CD-ROM. I configured this deployment to allow user involvement, and it waited for the user to initiate the installation.

PATCHLINK UPDATE is affordable for small and midsized businesses yet scalable and robust enough to support large enterprises. It's a comprehensive package that deserves your serious consideration.

Contact: PatchLink * 480-970-1025
Price: Starts at $1498.80, plus an annual fee of $18 per node for Windows agents and $75 per node for non-Windows agents
Pros: Large multivendor repository of tested patches; flexible policy-based configuration
Cons: None
Rating: 5 out of 5
Recommendation: A comprehensive, affordable patch-management solution for organizations large and small.
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