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PanTerra Networks Announces SmartBox

PanTerra Networks Announces SmartBox

Secure file-sharing service combines collaboration and communications features

PanTerra Networks announced SmartBox, the world's first file-sharing service with built-in Unified Communications (UC). SmartBox consolidates multiple cloud services into one, allowing mid-market enterprise customers to securely share, sync, and store files while seamlessly communicating and collaborating with users anywhere. The integrated service delivers ultra-high reliability and Quality of Service (QoS), as well as enterprise-grade security features to ensure that employees are always protected whether in the office, at home, or on their mobile device. By consolidating multiple services into one, mid-market organizations can realize total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of up to 70 percent over multiple separate solutions.

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Separating itself from the multitude of other file-sharing services, SmartBox seamlessly integrates real-time communication and collaboration capabilities once information has been shared. By adding UC to store, sync, and share functionality, PanTerra gives enterprises a true competitive edge that increases productivity, reduces "sales friction," and ultimately contributes to top-line revenue. With SmartBox, once content is shared with a user or group, it instantly and automatically shows each individual's real-time presence and notifies you when a user downloads the file. You can then instantly call, IM, email, deskshare, or conduct a web or video conference meeting with anyone in the world, all within the same application.

SmartBox significantly improves upon the store, share, and sync features that have been available as separate offerings for several years by providing consistent ultra-high service attributes. Deploying full end-to-end management of its cloud services, last-mile bandwidth and associated networking equipment, PanTerra Networks delivers superior service attributes far exceeding industry averages in availability, reliability, security, scalability, QoS, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and support. This ensures optimal performance while guaranteeing complete IT peace of mind. Sub-folder sharing and flexible share privileges make it possible to organize and securely share any document exactly the way you want and with exactly who needs it. With data being shared and synced automatically across an organization, sharing and collaborating is quick and easy. With SmartBox, team members can use the online workspace to monitor, view and modify content from anywhere on any device—all in real time.

SmartBox's offering of secure file sharing and built-in ultra-reliable collaboration and communication services provides significant TCO savings. Each independent cloud service requires users to pay a minimum monthly fee to offset the provider's overhead costs. Because it combines multiple services into one solution, SmartBox could save a mid-market enterprise with 1,000 users between $65,000 and $100,000 per year.

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"There has been little innovation in the file-sharing and unified communications spaces in recent years," said Arthur Chang, CEO of PanTerra Networks. "Collaboration happens on multiple levels, and while new store, sync and share technologies have added some enhancement features, there's still a huge gap in the market to create IT solutions that impact the top line and truly give businesses a competitive edge. With SmartBox, we've combined the best of both the cloud file sharing and unified communications worlds to create a truly powerful, game-changing solution for mid-market enterprises."

SmartBox is available immediately through PanTerra Networks directly or a participating PanTerra partner. Pricing starts at $15 per month for new SmartBox users—existing PanTerra Networks' WorldSmart customers can upgrade for $5 per month—with pooled cloud storage costs of $10 per 100GB per month. To try a free version of SmartBox or to start a free 14-day trial, go to the SmartBox signup page.

For more information, visit the PanTerra Networks website.

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