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Oracle World: A Week of Cloud Innovation, Controversy

Oracle’sOracle World annual event opened in San Francisco with a heavy dose of cloud innovation and a bit of conflict.

The controversy started with’s CEO Marc Benioff making publicly criticizing Oracle—specifically its cloud strategy—which prompted Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to cancel Benioff’s keynote at the conference.

Despite the controversy, Oracle is forging ahead full-force with its cloud push. Notable announcements from Oracle World include:

  • Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management (CRM), an enterprise-grade CRM cloud application that’s touted to offer the advantages of software as a service without the limitations of niche solutions.
  • Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) and Oracle Fusion Talent Management, two cloud-based HR solutions.
  • Finally, Oracle announced Oracle Social Network, an enterprise collaboration and social networking tool for business that lets business users to find and collaborate with the right people within their enterprise and across enterprises using information from the human resources system and their own private social network.

No word on whether Mr. Benioff will be invited to be a part of that last one.


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