NTT launches new cloud offering

NTT America is bolstering its presence in the area of cloud services with a new service designed to give enterprise IT organizations more flexibility to create custom-designed cloud-based environments.

The new service integrates VMware’s vCloud Director virtualization software, which, according to NTT America, gives IT professionals the flexibility to create and change their individual environments to suit their specific needs, resulting in what the service provider calls a personalized virtual data center.

NTT America’s offering is designed to allow enterprise users to purchase and pay for only the minimum amount of resources their particular scenario requires, from CPU and storage space to network access capabilities. The vCloud Director software allows users to manage those assets in near real-time, scaling resources up or down as required. 

NTT America is one of an increasing number of service providers that are implementing similar platforms to make cloud services more accessible to enterprise IT users of all sizes. Being able to not only customize the environment but also pay only for only the smallest amount of resources gives IT professionals a way into the cloud—in particular, those who may be somewhat hesitant to make the transition—to test service providers’ claims of increased reliability and security in a cloud environment.

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