New Surface Owner? Grab the User Guides

New Surface Owner? Grab the User Guides

I've been a Surface owner for a long, long time now, so I get the beauty of these devices. According to Black Friday sales reports, apparently many of you are also starting to get them, too. The Microsoft Surface is nowhere near being a success yet, and it may take another couple revisions before these hybrid devices become commonplace.

However, it seems there are many more Surface owners out there now and probably many more will join our happy throng before the holidays are out. Personally, I'm spreading the Surface cheer by supplying many of my family members with their own Microsoft designed devices, handing them the boxes of joy on Christmas day. So, with so many more in the wild, it makes sense that Microsoft has updated the user guides for the devices.

Provided as downloadable, printable Adobe format (PDF) files, the user guides contain info and tips to help Surface owners to get the most from the devices and includes sections covering the available Surface accessories and preinstalled apps.

There are three user guides available. Microsoft has combined the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 into a single manual, but separated Surface RT and Surface 2 into separate documents.

Get them here:

Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 User Guide

Surface 2 User Guide

Surface RT User Guide

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