New Spiceworks Survey Shows IT Spend for 2014

New Spiceworks Survey Shows IT Spend for 2014

I realize that 2014 is just under way, and that many of the pieces of a report covering IT budgets is just conjecture at this point, but Spiceworks has released a survey that will interest you. Whether or not your company fits directly within the stats provided by the survey participants, it’s always good to get a view of what others are thinking.  Many times, hearing what similar companies are planning can help develop a better, more solid way forward for IT in your organization.

The Spiceworks report is available online and in PDF format, so you can peruse through the various specifics of the data.

The report can be accessed online here:  2014 State of IT Budget Report (Online)

…or, downloaded in PDF format here:  2014 State of IT Budget Report (PDF)

Personally, I'd opt for the download as the online interface seems a bit buggy.

In brief, here are some of the more interesting pieces of what the report contains:

  • IT pros plan to spend an average of $302,000 on IT products and services in 2014.
  • 79% of the 450 IT pros surveyed say their IT budgets will remain the same or increase during the year.
  • 57% expect their organization’s revenue to increase.
  • 45% expect headcount to rise.
  • Hardware will claim 45% of the budget, with desktops, networking equipment, laptops, and servers ranking as the top four anticipated hardware buys.
  • Software will take 31% of the budget. With Windows XP down to its last few breaths, it’s no surprise that OS purchases top the list of upcoming software investments, followed by productivity software, virtualization and security.
  • Cloud is still up in the air, with cloud services accounting for only 14% of the budget. The majority of IT pros planning to invest in a cloud solution will continue to purchase an existing service. The most popular potential cloud purchases are Web hosting, email hosting, online backup, and content filtering.
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