NetEnrich helps service providers target SMBs

NetEnrich, a provider of IT infrastructure management services to value-added resellers and managed service providers, has launched a new cloud practice aimed at equipping providers that are targeting small-to-medium enterprises with the operational support to provide cloud-based services.

The practice leverages NetEnrich’s service delivery framework, which is designed to help providers manage IT application stacks and databases in private, public and hybrid cloud deployments.

The goal, says NetEnrich CEO Raju Chekuri, is to make IT solution providers the go-to cloud service providers for local small businesses.

“If you’re an SMB looking at cloud, your local resellers are the right guys to work with,” Chekuri says. “There are a lot of resellers selling hardware, managed services, et cetera that need to figure out how to leverage the cloud. We help them do that.”

NetEnrich’s service deliver framework gives those providers a “single pane of glass” through which to view their enterprise clients’ infrastructure and applications, Chekuri said, equipping them for such functionality as provisioning, remote management, performance management and more,” Chekuri said. “Our big focus is operations,” he said.

NetEnrich’s view is that operations platforms like the one it offers can help transform IT solutions providers into full-fledged cloud providers.

“Cloud is still seen as infrastructure-as-a-service,” Chekuri said. “The only way it will succeed in the SMB market is by demystifying the operations.”


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