Microsoft Releases Surface Commercials That Actually Say Something

Microsoft Releases Surface Commercials That Actually Say Something

For the longest time, I've read and heard that part of Microsoft's problem around the Surface devices is that they went too far down the Apple marketing alley. They initiated a marketing campaign by throwing crazy music and whirling dancers at the public without showing what the Surface could actually do.

It wasn't until Microsoft started showing the Surface (and other Windows 8 tablets) against the limitations of the iPad before people started taking notice. In essence, by copying Apple so closely (even in price), the public simply thought Microsoft had invented their own iPad. Who needed just another iPad?

As we've seen over the past 24 hours, Microsoft did some very good things in Surface v2, but they still have further to go. Paul Thurrott said it best in Devices + Services? What About Software?

Paul said:

It's (Microsoft) focusing on what it got right, not what it got wrong.

Obviously, price is the biggest factor for which Microsoft turned a blind eye. They will be fighting an uphill battle out of the gate, trying to convince consumers and business professionals that their price tag is worth it.

But, there's a glimmer of hope that Microsoft can listen, and Microsoft can change for the better. When Microsoft can show what the Surface can do the device line will be successful. So, I'm pleased to find the following video commercials released over the past couple days that actually delve into how a Surface tablet can enhance your life and bring more functionality, in tablet form, than an Android or iOS based device.


Surface Pro 2


Surface (RT) 2

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