Microsoft Hosts the First Annual Cybercrime Enforcement Summit

Microsoft Hosts the First Annual Cybercrime Enforcement Summit

Last week, Microsoft brought together over 60 cybercrime experts from all over the world to kick off the first annual Cybercrime Enforcement Summit.

The two-day event situated at the company's Redmond campus showcased closed-door sessions discussing best practices and further steps required to help protect online communities. Attendance was comprised of federal, state and local law enforcement, policymakers, academics, private cybercrime professionals, and child safety experts.

The Summit accentuates Microsoft's intent to make cybercrime a crucial part of overall security. During the event Microsoft signed memorandums of understanding with Europol, the Organization of American States, and FIS Global to ensure intent for collaboration with world security groups.

The cybercrime outreach event is a continuing response to monitor, detect, and eradicate the dangers for online activity and commerce and is a direct extension of the Microsoft Cybercrime Center introduced in November of 2013. The commitment of the Cybercrime Center is to…

…tackle online crimes, including those associated with malware, botnets, intellectual property theft and technology-facilitated child exploitation. The work done at the Cybercrime Center will help ensure that people worldwide can use their computing devices and services with confidence.

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