Microsoft Fulfills Promise to Match Amazon Pricing

Microsoft Fulfills Promise to Match Amazon Pricing

On March 13, 2014, you can expect Windows Azure component pricing to be reduced so that the numbers are in line with Amazon.

In April of 2013, Microsoft made a quick commitment that the company would continue to match Amazon Web Services (AWS) pricing for compute, storage, and bandwidth. Announced on the Windows Azure team blog today, Microsoft lays out plans for lowering prices for Block Blobs Storage and Disks/Page Blogs Storage, effective on March 13.

The price reductions are as follows:

  • Price matching for S3 and EBS, which means a reduction in pricing by up to 20% across all regions worldwide.
  • Locally Redundant Disks/Page Blobs Storage pricing will be reduced by to 28%.
  • Price reduction for Azure Storage transactions by 50%.

The pricing announcement from Microsoft comes directly on the heels of a recent move by Amazon in which they dropped their own prices for the 40th time since launching AWS close to 8 years ago.

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