Microsoft Debuts Free Cloud Resources Aimed at Educating IT Pros

Microsoft Debuts Free Cloud Resources Aimed at Educating IT Pros

Cloud-based jobs are one tech area that's projected to keep growing over the next five years, and IT professionals who want to future-proof their careers may want to consider educating themselves on cloud-based IT skills. Microsoft wants to help. A press summary I got reads:

Microsoft is listening to the needs of IT professionals and today is addressing the most common questions we hear: “How do I to get started with cloud?” and “How can I advance my career using cloud?”

  1. Get started in the cloud with the FREE Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials annual subscription.

 Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials provides IT professionals with access to cloud services, training, support and certification.  Details include:

-Free Azure credits to try cloud scenarios like backup, disaster recovery, security & dev/test.

-Free Pluralsight subscription for on-line training.

-Free Priority support in the TechNet forums.

-A free phone support incident for Azure or on-premises products.

-A free certification exam voucher [first come, first serve].

-Extended trials of Enterprise Mobility Suite and Office 365.


2)Advance your IT career in cloud technologies with the FREE Microsoft IT Pro Career Center.

Microsoft IT Pro Career Center provides IT professionals with cloud career paths, curriculum to learn the cloud roles, and industry insights.  Details include:

-Map your IT cloud role.

-Follow a learning curriculum for your chosen cloud role.

-Evolve at your own pace & learn with our peers.

-Discover which cloud roles are in demand and their salary ranges.

-Get insights on your personality traits and how they matchup to cloud roles.

-Hear from industry experts about the trends in cloud roles and skills you need.

Interested parties can check out a video demonstrating the IT Pro Cloud Essentials and then check out the website.

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