Microsoft Articles About PPTP Installation and Troubleshooting

Q154674 PPTP Registry Entries

Q161410 How to Set Up a Private Network Over the Internet Using PPTP

Q162847 Troubleshooting PPTP Connectivity Issues in Windows NT 4.0

Q164052 PPTP and Interoperability with Other Local Machine Services

Q164601 How to Enable PPTP Port for Network Monitor

Q167040 PPTP Performance Update for Windows NT 4.0 Release Notes

Q168064 PPTP Protocol Not Available on MCA Computers

Q169831 PPTP May Fail with Error: Remote PPP Peer is Not Responding

Q169843 PPTP Connection to Multihomed Server May Not Succeed

Q169890 Enable PPTP Filtering Option No Longer Works

Q171922 Local Network Access Fails Or Is Slow After PPTP Connection

Q173527 Automating PPTP Connection Via ISP Connection

Q176321 Unable to Resolve NetBIOS Names Through PPTP Connection

Q176575 How to Log On to a Windows NT Domain Using a PPTP Connection

Q176924 Using PPTP, RRAS, and Proxy Server 2.0

Q177335 How to Create a Demand Dial PPTP Interface

Q179107 STOP 0x0000000A in Raspptpe.sys on a Windows NT PPTP Server

Q184794 STOP 0x50 May Be Caused by PPTP Registry Entries

Q189595 PPTP Performance & Security Upgrade for WinNT 4.0 Release Notes

Q193841 Adjusting PPTP KeepAlive Frequency

Q194029 How to Specify the Number of PPTP Ports During Unattended Setup

Q194465 PPTP May Refuse Connections When VPNs Are Free

Q197205 RRAS IPX VPNs Generate Event ID 20124

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