Lots and Lots of Weekend Reading with Free MS Press eBooks from MVA

Lots and Lots of Weekend Reading with Free MS Press eBooks from MVA

If you need something to do this weekend and for many more weekends to come – something that takes you away from the computer but still keeps your mind sharp – you might try downloading some of the applicable free eBooks Microsoft has made available on its Virtual Academy (MVA) web site.

The MVA site has 20 books posted right now, available in both PDF, EPUB and Mobi formats. Topics available cover Windows Server, Windows Azure, Windows, App Dev, System Center, and SQL Server.

You can find those here: Free eBooks from Microsoft Press

Personally, I'd shoot for the Kindle (Mobi) format if you have an Amazon reader. I found recently that if I read on my Kindle, it allows me to push away from an actual computer and keep from being distracted. I made a promise to myself recently to do this for at least an hour once day and it's worked out great. I've only missed a couple days doing this since I started, and I can tell you, it’s a wonderful thing. I only have the Kindle Keyboard model, but am thinking of picking up the new Kindle Voyage since my plan has worked so well.

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