Liquid Web Launches New Cloud Management Tool

Liquid Web Launches New Cloud Management Tool

liquidweb_0Managed web hosting company Liquid Web has launched a new, yet-to-be-named management interface for its customers that’s aimed at giving enterprise customers more control over how they provision and manage their IT resources.

The management interface adds a number of new features for Liquid Web’s customers, including the ability to clone a server directly from the management tool and to resize a server with one click. It also enables automatic migrations and features an integrated firewall. Liquid Web also is providing an API for customers that want to create their own software to support and further enhance the interface, said Travis Stoliker, director of marketing and sales for Liquid Web.

The portal is designed to accommodate both self-service customers and those seeking hands-on support.

“Customers can do everything themselves using this interface,” Stoliker said. “We also have Liquid Web Heroic Support, which we’re known for, so if you need help our support teams are here around the clock.”

Enterprises with websites that might surge in traffic at certain times a year, for example, will be able to quickly provision additional capacity using the tool, he said.

“Say you have a Halloween website, and in the weeks leading up to Halloween you have ten times the traffic you normally do,” Stoliker said. “With this, if you need more server space you hit the resize button and scale up and down.”

As for the name, Liquid Web is running a contest on Facebook and Twitter through which people can submit name suggestions in exchange for a chance to win a Kindle Fire.

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