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LevelCloud intros new cloud services for SMBs

LevelCloud intros new cloud services for SMBs

levelcloud_0Managed services provider LevelCloud is targeting small and mid-sized businesses all over the country with new cloud services that enterprises can access via web-based desktop or “webtop.”

“All we need to do is go to the company, take their apps and integrate them to LevelCloud,” said Biren Shukla, president and CEO of LevelCloud. “IT has become a utility: you’re now only paying for what you use, and everything is easily accessible from a web browser.”

The provider’s aim is to make it simple for smaller enterprises to ease into using the cloud services it is serving up, shifting risk for the business owner and simultaneously lowering operating expenses, Shukla said. LevelCloud provides infrastructure and connectivity and any additional applications businesses need, and can also integrate existing applications into its platform, he said.

“If I engage a company and they have existing investments in Google Apps, for example, I’m not going to force them to change,” he said. “I will integrate Google Apps right into the OS33 platform, and take all the complexity out of it.”

The OS33 platform Shukla cited is the software engine behind its cloud-based offering. LevelCloud has been an MSP for six years, but leveraging software from OS33 has allowed it to shift its services to the cloud, he said.

OS33’s platform lets enterprise customers access cloud-based apps from a web browser and offers more flexibility that other solutions LevelCloud considered, said Biren Shukla, president and CEO of LevelCloud.

The software also frees up LevelCloud—which has been providing managed services for six years—to offer cloud-based applications in any geographic region, Shukla said. “For companies that have employees all over, having everyone on the same platform makes a lot of sense,” he said.

OS33’s platform also has been around for about six years, said Paul Angelides, the company’s director of marketing. The solution was developed by OS33’s president, Jacob Kazakevich, when he was at External IT, a managed services provider Kazakevich co-founded in 2002.

“The technology has been battle-tested with tens of thousands of users,” Angelides said. “LevelCloud has been able to quickly leverage the customization capabilities of the platform and start selling.”



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