JSI Tip 9917. How do I troubleshoot poor game performance on a Windows XP dual-core processor computer?

A game may perform poorly on a Windows XP dual-core processor computer if the game was not designed to use dual-core processors, which alter the way that timing information needs to be captured.

To troubleshoot these performance issues, use the following steps, exiting this procedure when any step corrects the problem:

1. Install the latest update for the game. For a Microsoft game, visit http://support.microsoft.com/?pr=gms.

2. I you use the Minimal Power Management power scheme, Start / Run / Powercfg.cpl / OK and change the power scheme in the Power schemes drop-down to any other power scheme.

3. Get the latest drivers for your processor from the hardware manufacturer:

4. Install the latest motherboard drivers.

5. Flash you computer's BIOS with the most current version.

6. Visit the game publisher's support Web page.

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