JSI Tip 9667. How do I troubleshoot slow right-click performance, or unusual right-click behavior?

When you right-click, performance is very slow, or the behavior is abnormal.

Abnormal right-click behavior may include, but is not limited to:

- The context menu takes a long time to display.

- Nothing happens when you select multiple files to open or print.

- When you right-click a folder on the Start menu and select Open or Explore, nothing happens. - When you choose Properties of a folder, nothing happens.

- You receive Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.

- When you empty the Recycle Bin from Common Tasks, Quick Finder opens.

This behavior can be the result of a bad shell extension, a context handler that adds commands to the context menu.

To troubleshoot this behavior:

1. Download shexview.exe.

2. Disable all third-party shell extensions.

3. Enable the shell extensions that you disabled in step 2, one at a time, until you locate the culprit.

NOTE: Shexview.exe doesn't enumerate shell extensions from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Directory/Background/Shellex/ContextMenuHandlers. A new install of Windows XP configures the New handler at this location. If you find additional sub-keys, these extension may be the culprit. Video adapter software may add sub-keys to this location, like Intel® 82865G Graphics Controller, Removing the custom desktop right click context menu.

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