JSI Tip 8203. The SMS Administrator console cannot display Event Viewer, Windows Diagnostics, or Performance Monitor for Windows XP Service Pack 2 clients?

When you attempt to use the Systems Management Server Administrator console to view the subject tools on Windows XP Professional SP2 clients, you receive:

The network path was not found.

NOTE: If Windows Firewall logging is enabled, the %SystemRoot%\Pfirewall.log file shows that the SMS server queried all the file sharing ports.

The behavior occurs because SP2 for Windows XP Professional enables the Windows Firewall.

To workaround this behavior, use Group Policy to configure Windows Firewall settings.

NOTE: Turn on the File and Print Sharing Windows Firewall exception in Group Policy.

NOTE: See What are all the Group Policy settings, and what has been added for Windows XP SP2?

NOTE: To manually turn on File and Print Sharing on a Windows XP Professional SP2 client:

1. Open Windows Firewall in Control Panel.

2. Clear the Don't allow exceptions setting box on the General tab.

3. On the Exceptions tab, check the File and Print Sharing box.

4. Press OK.

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