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JSI Tip 3702. Performance Object Is NOT displayed in System Monitor?

When using System Monitor, a performance object may fail to appear in the Performance Object drop-down list in the Add To Chart dialog?

If the extensible performance DLL is marked as disabled, this problem will occur.

In tip 2874, we learned how to intentionally disable a an extensible performance DLL.

The DLL can be automatically disabled if Windows 2000 detects a problem with the DLL.

Check the application event log for events 1017 or 1018, which are posted by the 'Perflib' source. Look for other events that may give a reason why the library is being disabled. Record these events for any subsequent support call.

Try enabling the counter, using ExCtrlList, or by editing the registry.

If the library gets automatically disabled again, call the library provider for support.

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