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JSI Tip 3046. How do I create a performance alert in Windows 2000?

You can configure performance alerts in Windows 2000.

To create alerts:

01. Start / Programs / Administrative Tools / Performance or
      Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Performance.

02. Double-click performance logs and alerts in the left hand pane.

03. Select Alerts and right-click in the right-hand pane.

04. Press New Alert Settings.

05. Enter a name for the alert and press OK.

06. Enter a comment, if you wish.

07. To add a counter, press Add.

08. Select the \\ComputerName you wish to monitor and select the counter(s) you wish to monitor.

09. Close the Select Counters window.

10. Select each counter on the General tab.

      Set the threshold and sampling rate.
      On the Action tab, select the action you want performed when the threshold is reached:

          Log an entry in the Application Event Log
          Send a Network Message to
          Start a Performance data Log
          Run this program
. To run it interactively, see tip 3047.

11. On the Schedule tab, choose from:

      starting At (continuously)
      start manually
      stop manually
      run for a specified amount of time

12. Press OK.


- The Messenger and Alerter services must be running on the computer you are monitoring.

- The Alerter service does NOT start Automatically on Windows 2000 Professional, so configure it and Start it.

- The Messenger service must be running on computers that receive messages.

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