JSI Tip 10633. What tools are available on the System Configuration utility (MSConfig.exe) Tools tab?

The updated System Configuration utility (MSCONFIG.EXE) is a handy way to access the following tools:

   Tool name    Description on the Tools tab    Command
   About Windows    Shows the version of Windows currently installed on the system.    Winver.exe
   Command Prompt    Opens a Command-Prompt window.    Cmd.exe
   Event Viewer    Displays monitoring and troubleshooting messages from Windows
   and other programs.
   Internet Options    Internet Explorer Settings.    Inetcpl.cpl
   Internet Protocol Configuration       IPCONFIG is a command-line tool used to control
   network connections on Windows-based computers.
   Ipconfig.exe or Ipconfig.exe /all
   Network Diagnostics    Network Diagnostics scans your system to gather information about   
   your hardware, software, and network connections.
   Netsh.exe diag gui
   Programs    Add or remove programs and Windows components.    Appwiz.cpl
   Registry Editor    Make changes to the Windows registry.    Regedit.exe
   Security Center    Configure Automatic Updates, Windows Firewall, and
   Internet Properties settings.
   System Information    View advanced information about hardware
   and software settings.
   Msinfo32 .exe
   System Properties    View basic information about your
   computer's system settings.
   System Restore    Restore computer to a previous state.    %SystemRoot%\System32\restore\Rstrui.exe   
   Task Manager    Provides details about programs and processes
   running on your computer.

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