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JSI Tip 0753. Event ID: 26, Source: Atapi, Type: Warning - Reduced performance.

If you have an EIDE based disk sub-system and the System event log contains:

Event ID: 26
Source: Atapi
Type: Warning
Description: The driver has detected that device \device\scsiport0 has old or out-of-date firmware. Reduced performance may result.

don't panic. The event is only informational and is not fatal.

During boot, the ATAPI driver enumerates devices attached to the EIDE controller. It checks to see if the attached devices support the advanced ATA attachment interface commands, such as multi block I/O. If a device fails, the above event event is logged.

Note: This could indicate a faulty device.

The only way to isolate which device, is to either remove/replace a device or swap them among controllers until you determine which device is responsible for generating the event. Once you have the device isolated, edit:


where x is determined by device number. Look at the Identifier value name, it contains the make, model, and firmware revision. Check with the manufacturer for newer firmware or any known issues.

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